The Post-Medieval period AD 1485 + 

Post-medieval – or historical – archaeology is a discipline which has often been overlooked compared to earlier eras, but it is a study of profound cultural, technological and religious change. Many significant events occurred in this 500 year period – both within Britain and on a global scale – from the impact of the Dissolution, to the birth of the Industrial Revolution, and culminating in the devastating conflict seen during both world wars.

SHERF 2021 - Archaeology of the Church: Perspectives from Recent Work in the South-East


This year's annual Surrey Historic Environment Research Framework will be held jointly with the Council for British Archaeology South-East annual conference and themed around the subject of church archaeology. The event will be a one-day virtual conference held online, via Zoom video conferencing.

Byfleet Manor, Mill Lane, Byfleet

Building recording and assessment by PAYE Conservation on the Dietterlin-style entry gate pillars prior to their repositioning and restoration. The pillars are assessed as being of typical Jacobean style, although they are recorded in the listing as being 18th century in the Mannerist style. Previous 20th century repairs, using inappropriate materials, were found to have accelerated their deterioration. The gates and pillars are recorded as present in the 1680s (SyAC 50, 102).

North Park Quarry – Brewer Street extension, Bletchingley

Magnetometer survey by D Lewis and M Roseveare of Tigergeo Limited detected evidence of known former field boundaries and previous agricultural use. Three areas of probable quarrying activity were noted although quantities of magnetically susceptible debris, probably imported as a result of farming practices, made identification of discrete features problematic.


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