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The publications listed below are available by post from the Administrator at our registered office address in Abinger see contacts page.  ( sends e-mail)) . Please add postage and packing as stated. Publications may also be purchased in person from the Society's office at Abinger. Discounts: 5% on orders of £30 to £50; 10% on orders over £50 

Volumes 1-50 (where available individually priced)
Volumes 50-94 paperback £2.00; hardback where available £3.00
Volume 95 £5.00
Volume 96 £5.00

Volume 97 £5.00

Volume 98 £5.00

Volume 99 £5.00

Volume 100 £5.00

Volume 101 £5.00

Volume 102 £10.00

Volume 103 £10.00

Volume 104 £10.00

Index to volumes 21-38 £2.00
Index to volumes 
39-60 £2.00
Index to volumes 
61-70 £2.00 


Research Volumes (add £2 p&p per volume)

No 1 Excavations in Old Town Croydon; The Montague Close Delftware Factory; Excavations of a glasshouse at Norfolk House, Lambeth;The River Wey bridges between Farnham and Guildford. (1974) £2.00
No 2 Alsted: excavation of a 13th/14th century sub-manor house, Netherne Wood, Merstham, by L Ketteringham. (1976) £2.00
No 3 Archaeological implications of gravel extraction in north west Surrey; Montague Close excavations; Saxon barrow at Gally Hills; St Catherine's Hill; Mesolithic industry of Weston Wood, Albury. (1976) £2.00
No 4 Brooklands, Weybridge: 1964-5, 1970-1, by Rosamond Hanworth and D J Tomalin. (1977) £2.00
No 5 Historic towns in Surrey, by Martin O'Connell. (1977) £2.00
No 6 Excavations at Runnymede Bridge, Egham, 1976, by David Longley (1980) £2.00
No 7 199 Borough High Street, Southwark: excavations in 1962; Excavations at Guy's Hospital 1967. (1979) £2.00
No 8 Catteshall Mill, Godalming, Surrey, by Alan and Glenys Crocker. (1981) £2.00;
No 9 Excavations on the site of the Dominican Friary at Guildford, 1974 & 1976, by R Poulton & H Woods. (1984) £2.00
No 10 Petters Sports Field, Egham, by M O'Connell and S Needham. (1986) £2.00;
No 11 Archaeological investigations on the site of Chertsey Abbey, by R Poulton. (1988) £2.00

Research Papers (add £1.50 p&p per volume)

No 1  Roman relief-patterned flue tiles, by A W G Lowther. (1948) £5.00
No 2  A Mesolithic survey of the West Surrey Greensand, by W F Rankine. (1949) £5.00
No 5  Excavations in Southwark, by Kathleen M Kenyon. (1959) £5.00

Joint publications with London and Middlesex Archaeological Society (add £2 p&p per volume)

No 2 Excavations in Staines 1975-76, by K R Crouch & S A Shanks. (1984) £2.00
No 3 Excavations in Southwark 1973-6, Lambeth 1973-79, Museum of London, DGLA. (1988) £4.00

Other publications

Aspects of Archaeology & History in Surrey. (2004) £25.00 (add £4.70 p&p)

Kingston's Past Rediscovered (1990). £6.95 (add £1.50 p&p)

The Sheriffs of Surrey (1992). £4.95 (add £1.50 p&p)
Pastors, Parishes and People in Surrey (1989). £2.95 (add £1.50 p&p)
Old Surrey Recipes & Food for Thought (1991) £3.95 (add £1.50 p&p)
Views of Surrey Churches (1979) £2.00 (add £2.50 p&p)
A Study of the Patterns on Roman Flue-Tiles and their Distribution (1948) £5.00 (add £2.00 p&p)
A Mesolithic Survey of the West Surrey Greensand (1950) £5.00 (add £2.00 p&p)
Miss Heath of Albury 1879-1959 (2005) £3.00 (add £1.50 p&p)
Explore Guildford (2010) £2.00 (add £1.50 p&p)
Archaeology and the M25 (1975) £2.00 (add £1.50 p&p)
Blechingley, A Short History (1949) £3.00 (add £1.50 p&p)
Saxon and Norman Staines (1982) £3.00 (add £1.50 p&p)
St Mary's Church, Barnes (2011) £3.00 (add £1.50 p&p)

Surrey History

The volumes of Surrey History are composed of a number of separately published issues.

Volumes 1-7 £1.00 per numbered issue (add £1.50 p&p)
Volumes 8-10 £3.00 per numbered issue (add £1.50 p&p)

Volume 11 £5.00 per numbered issue (add £1.50 p&p)

Volume 12 (2013) £5.00 per numbered issue (add £1.50 p&p)
Volume 13 (2014) £5.00 per numbered issue (add £1.50 p&p)

Volume 14 (2015) £5.00 per numbered issue (add £1.50 p&p)

Volume 15 (2016) £5.00 per numbered issue (add £1.50 p&p)

Village Studies Series: (add £2.00 p&p)

Shere: A Surrey Village in Maps. (2001) £3.00
Ewell: A Surrey village that became a town. (2004) £3.00
Thorpe: A Surrey Village in Maps. (2002) £3.00
Gomshall, Peaslake and Ewhurst: Rural Villages from Rural Vill (2010) £5.00

Esher : Origins and Development of a Surrey Village in Maps (2015) £10.00 plus £3.00 p&p.  (Orders for this volume will be forwarded to Esher District Local History Society.)
Great Bookham: The Development of a Surrey Village in Maps (2016) £10.00 plus £2.60 p&p.  (Orders for this volume will be forwarded to Leatherhead & District Local History Society)


Offprints from Vols 99, 100,101, 103 and 104 are available at £2.00 per paper (plus p+p) and are listed below.

Vol 99

Tin glazed tiles in Surrey

The Henry Doulton & Co Terra Cotta Works 1876-1956: excavations at Hampton House, 20-21 Albert Embankment, Lambeth

Further excavations at the former War Memorial Hospital, Carshalton

Analytical survey and excavation of earthworks in Albury Bottom, Chobham Common

Analytical surveys of Holmbury and Hascombe hillforts

Archaeological investigation at Majestic House, High Street, Staines-upon-Thames 2013

The Iron Age enclosure and First World War Prisoner of War camp at Felday, Holmbury St Mary, near Dorking

Testing transhumance: Anglo-Saxon swine pastures and seasonal grazing in the Surrey Weald

Masons Bridge, Horley and the nearby site of a deserted medieval farmstead

Archaeology in Surrey 2013-14

Vol 100

St Catherine's chapel, Guildford: a casket-like medieval chapel on a hill opposite Guildford Castle and Royal Palace

Downside Mill, Cobham: an evaluation with notes on observations at Coxes Lock Mill, Addlestone

Iron Age and Roman occupation at St John's School, Garlands Road, Leatherhead

Excavation of a prehistoric and Romano-British site at Betchworth, 1995-6

A Late Iron Age/early Roman rectilinear enclosure at Westcott

'Patriotism in things of beauty': Thomas Cecil Farrer, historical continuity and liberty in the Surrey countryside

An early Roman ritual site on Frensham Common

Five Palaeolithic handaxes from Farnham with a comment on the Huband flint collection

Medieval potters in west and central Surrey

Excavation of a moated site at Cranleigh Rectory, 1985

Roman Ewell: a review of the querns and millstones and implications for understanding the organisation of grain processing

A Mesolithic site at Merland Rise, Tadworth

Archaeology in Surrey 2015

Surrey in periodical literature 2015

Book Reviews

Vol 101

Lord Francis Hope, Leopold Salomons and Box Hill

Evidence for Middle Iron Age settlement activity at Charterhouse, Godalming

More tanning in Bermondsey: an archaeological investigation of The Grange Tanneries, Southwark

The Anne Forster firebacks

Analytical survey of prehistoric barrows and other mounds on Reigate Heath

Landscape investigation on the Surrey greensand: fieldwork at Abinger and Holmbury, 1985-9

Excavations at Orchard Hill, Carshalton, 1964-5

A large ground and polished flint axe from Bletchingley

Archaeology in Surrey 2016

Surrey in periodical literature 2016

Vol 103

Medieval pottery from Bridgecroft, Mickleham, Leatherhead

Analytical survey of Gravelly Hill, Caterham and Blechingley

Archaeological excavationa at 90-106 High Street, Staines-upon-Thames

Archaeological investigations at Anchor Cottages, Eastbourne Road, Blindley Heath

Quarrying, structured deposition and landscape appropriation in Ewell

A Late Bronze Age to Early Iron Age enclosure, a Late Iron Age to early Romano-British droveway and the vestiges of the mansion and kitchen garden at Ember Court, East Molesey

Excavation of a Roman tile kiln at Dockenfield, 2015

Vol 104

The saving of Norbury Park: Surrey County Council and the making of Public Open Spaces in wood and vale, 1930-50

Excavations at Beddington Sewage Farm 1992-2009: Neolithic pits, later Bronze Age land division and a Tudor deer park

Excavations at the Science Gallery, Boland House, Guy's Hospital, Southwark

Evidence for multi-period settlement at Benner Lane, West End, Woking

The Bronze Age to Iron Age transition in Chertsey: excavations at Guildford Road

Earlier Neolithic pits and another early date for Peterborough ware at Ockford Wood Farm, Aaron's Hill, Godalming

Analytical survey and landscape contextualisation of Dry Hill Camp, Lingfield

Archaeology in Surrey 2019

Finds from Surrey reported to the Portable Antiquities Scheme in 2019 


114       Drewett P, Old Town Croydon. 80p

115       Dawson GJ & Edwards R, Montague Close delftware factory. 15p

116       Dawson GJ, Excavations of a glasshouse. 25p


131       Dawson GJ, Montague Close excavations 1969-73 pt.1, General survey. 50p

132       Barfoot & Williams, The Saxon Barrow at Gally Hills, Banstead Down. 35p

133       Gabel C, St Catherine's Hill, a Mesolithic site near Guildford. 50p

134       Machin EL, Report on the Mesolithic industry of Weston Wood, Albury. 20p


135       Longley D, Excavations of a late BA settlement at Runnymede Bridge Egham. 25p


152       Tyers & Marsh, Roman pottery from Southwark. £1.00


153       Turner DJ, & Orton CR, Borough High Street, Southwark , Excavations in 1962. £1.75p

154      Dawson GJ, Excavations at Guy's Hospital 1967. £2.75p


210       Biddle M, The stuccoes of Nonsuch. £1.00


427       Branch N & Green C, The environmental history of Surrey. £1.45

428       Cotton J, Surrey's early past: a. survey of recent work. £1.60

429       Field D, Engraved sequences and the perception of prehistoric country in south-east England. 90p

430       Poulton R, Iron Age Surrey. £1.15

431       Bird D, Surrey in the Roman period: a survey of recent discoveries. £1.00

432       Bird D, Roman religious sites in the landscape. £1.15

433       Hines J, Supre-ge - the foundations of Surrey. £1.00

434       English J & Turner D, Medieval settlement in the Blackheath Hundred. £1.30

435       Bannister D, The Surrey Historic Landscape Characterisation Project. £1.15

436       Turner D, Manors and other settlements. £1.10

437       Hughes A, Vernacular architecture. 65p

438       Thurley S, The impact of royal landholdings on the county of Surrey, 1509-1649. £1.10

439       Andrews P, Kingston - Saxon royal estate centre to post­- medieval market town: the contribution of archaeology to understanding towns in Surrey. £1.25



551        Thompson FH, Three Surrey Hillforts. £3.00


552        Hope-Taylor B, The Excavation of a Motte at Abinger in Surrey. £2.00


555        Miller P & Stephenson R, A 14th century pottery site in Kingston upon Thames, Surrey. £5.00

556        Mackinder A, A Romano-British cemetery on Watling Street. £5.00

557        Ayre J & Wroe-Brown R, The London Millennium Bridge. £5.00

558        Sloane B & Hoad S, Early modern industry and settlement. £5.00

559        Heard K & Goodburn D, Investigating the maritime history of Rotherhithe. £5.00

560       Tyler K & Brown J, The Doulton stoneware pothouse in Lambeth. £5.00

561        Mackinder A & Blatherwick S, Bankside. £5.00


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