Guide to Researching the Landscape of Surrey in the Middle Ages

Imbhams Farm near Haslemere

This guide is a collection of links to online resources useful for the study of medieval landscapes in the historic county of Surrey, put together by Rob Briggs, Historic Environment Record Officer for Surrey County Council. It acts as a follow-up to a Surrey Archaeological Society study day about the medieval landscape in March 2020, with a focus not on medieval towns and villages but on the surrounding manors, farms, fields and other rural institutions.

Winchester and the Norman Conquest


At this conference leading experts on 11th century England will consider how  the principal city of Alfred the Great and its people were affected by conquest. The headline speaker will be broadcaster and historian Dr Marc Morris.

The conference takes place at Winchester's Guildhall and is part of a wider project which aims to celebrate and promote the ancient city as a centre of key significance to England.

Analytical survey of earthworks on Gravelly Hill, Caterham 2014

In 2014 land on Gravelly Hill was purchased by Caterham School and they expressed an interest in knowing the archaeological and historical background to their new land. The late Peter Gray had already noted the presence of earthworks within the area but access had previously been limited. As a result of the change of ownership members of the Surrey Archaeological Society undertook aa measured survey of the land within the medieval park and a small area to its immediate north.


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