Surrey Scheduled Ancient Monument Monitoring Scheme

Scheduling is the oldest form of heritage protection. It began in 1913, although its roots go as far back as the 1882 Ancient Monuments Protection Act, when a 'Schedule' (hence the term ‘scheduling’) of almost exclusively prehistoric monuments deserving of state protection was first compiled.

The list of scheduled ancient monuments is held by Historic England, on whose website the list of monuments can be searched. There are 165 such monuments in Surrey. For many years the Society has operated a voluntary scheme of inspecting and reporting on the condition of accessible monuments, which is now overseen by Martin Rose and Nigel Bond.

Volunteers, once briefed by Martin, can use the forms below to report on their inspecion of the sites.

The image below shows the location of monuments in Surrey:


The Surrey Archaeological Society Scheduled Ancient Monument Monitoring Scheme (SAM) Report Form can be found below.