About Us

The Society was established in 1854 'for the investigation of subjects connected with the history and antiquities of the County of Surrey'. Despite subsequent changes in administrative boundaries, the Society's objectives remain substantially the same, and the present area of interest includes the historic county up to the Thames.

The Society's office is at Research Centre, Hackhurst Lane, Abinger Hammer, Surrey RH5 6SE. The Society's Library, which includes a large and diverse collection of research material, is also in the Research Centre.

Excavations and fieldwork are organised by the Society, the most recent major excavation being that at Cocks Farm Abinger.

The Society, through its various representatives around the county, is constantly vigilant on behalf of the conservation of old buildings and archaeological sites of known importance. Local and specialist groups are active within the Society.

Publication is an essential part of archaeological and local history investigations, and the Society publishes regularly and distributes free to members the Surrey Archaeological Collections, a journal of reports, articles and notes on a wide range of subjects. In addition, special volumes and research reports are published from time to time. Society members also keep in touch through the monthly enewsletter and (three issues a year) Surrey's Past.

Symposia, lecture courses and visits are organised and well-supported.

Membership is open to individuals or groups interested in the work of the Society, and applications and enquiries should be addressed to the Honorary Secretary, Surrey Archaeological Society, Research Centre, Hackhurst Lane, Abinger Hammer, Surrey RH5 6SE