The objectives of the Society are:

To promote the study of archaeology and antiquities in the County of Surrey within the boundaries existing in 1854 (being the year in which the Surrey Archaeological Society was founded) and as may be enlarged by any extension of the present Administrative County, by the collection and publication of material and information of archaeological, antiquarian or historical interest concerning the County, including antiquities; buildings; records and manuscripts; cartographic, iconographic and pictorial material; heraldry and genealogy; costume; numismatics; ceramics; ecclesiastical history; charitable foundations; and any other matters or things relating to the pre-history and history of the County.


To further these objects but not otherwise the Society has the following powers:




  1. To watch for the discovery of antiquities and to endeavour to secure their preservation if desirable and to maintain a careful record of the same and of all the circumstances attending their discovery.
  2. To carry out excavations, fieldwork and surveys and to encourage those qualified to do so.
  3. To encourage, where desirable, the preservation of any site, building,monument or record of archaeological, antiquarian or historical interest in the County and to co-operate with public or private bodies or individuals in safe-guarding such sites, buildings, monuments or records.
  4. To arrange meetings, lectures, exhibitions, and visits to archaeological sites, monuments, antiquities and places of historical interest.
  5. To collect material for, and compile, histories of places, parishes, buildings and families in or connected with the County, and to publish volumes relating to the history and antiquities of the County entitled Surrey Archaeological Collections and from time to time publish or assist in publishing other volumes, local histories, special articles, papers, drawings, engravings, maps and other printed or pictorial matter.
  6. To maintain a library and formulate rules for the running thereof.
  7. To purchase or accept gifts or loans of antiquities, manuscripts, books, drawings, engravings, plans, maps or other articles or to exchange them or dispose thereof.
  8. To deposit or lend for exhibition any antiquities or specimens acquired by the Society subject to any agreement relating thereto.