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This page is for membership renewals by existing members.

IMPORTANT PLEASE NOTE :  if you pay your subscription by standing order or you have already renewed your subscription using the form included in the latest Surrey's Past please do NOT proceed with this online payment otherwise you will pay twice.  If in doubt please check first with the office at .

Please select the class of subscription you wish to renew from the drop-down list below and enter your up-to-date details and preferences in the appropriate boxes. PLEASE TICK THE EMAIL BOX - THEN YOU CAN RECEIVE THE MONTHLY E-NEWSLETTER WHICH IS THE BEST WAY TO KEEP UP TO DATE WITH SOCIETY ACTIVITIES. This will put your required membership into your shopping basket.  You can then access the shopping basket by clicking on the icon at the top of the page.  Once the shopping basket is complete then you should proceed to payment via Paypal.

If you wish to renew more than one membership e.g. you wish to join for an ordinary membership and an associate membership in the same household, you will need to complete the form and preferences more than once, but when multiple memberships are in the shopping basket you can proceed to a single payment. You can now renew your free Roman Studies Group membership as well as your ordinary, associate, student or junior memberships by filling out an additional renewal page which will then add or maintain your email address on the group's mailing list. 

For Institutional members you can now renew your membership using this page.  Please select the class of membership required and insert your invoice number in the interests field. You can then proceed to checkout and pay via Paypal using a credit or debit card. If you wish to join for the first time for institutional membership then please contact us first.

In the checkout page you will be asked to complete agreements to our terms and also complete Gift Aid details.

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