Land at Priory Orchard, Station Road, Godalming

The first of two phases of excavation by N Randall of SCAU following evaluation revealed part of a previously unknown, early medieval, Christian burial ground across much of the higher ground on the east of the site. The graveyard, presumably originally part of the nearby St Peter and Paul’s church, appears to have gone out of use in the medieval period. The lack of later intrusive burials makes it a rare and important discovery.

139–143 High Street, Godalming

A watching brief by S Porter of TVAS following earlier evaluation revealed a range of archaeological deposits from the medieval through to late post-medieval periods. The earliest evidence was a medieval pit with sparse medieval pottery. More complex deposits of post-medieval date including walls, floors, a probable well and a cesspit were also revealed.

Land at Admiral Way, Godalming

Evaluation by C Douglas of ASE revealed a single ditch and an adjacent tree-throw hollow, both of which contained prehistoric pottery. A horse burial was also identified, but given the good preservation of the bone, it was probably of recent date. A number of metal-detected finds were recovered from the topsoil across the site, all of 19th century or later date.

Coldharbour Cottage, Lower Mousehill Lane, Milford

Excavation by D Graham of SyAS following the reporting of a number of sherds of greyware pottery and iron slag, made in 2012 by the house owner. Five small trenches confirmed that the site is likely to have been an ironworks, dated on pottery evidence to the 13th century. Evidence of working surfaces were recorded together with a few postholes and a possible structure consisting of an oval ring of inwardly angled stakeholes, although the bloomery or any other substantial structures were not encountered.

The Upper Hammer Pond, Thursley

A photographic and limited measured survey carried out by A and D Graham of SyAS. Following heavy rains in December 2013 that washed away a section of the upper hammer pond dam and emptied the pond, a section through the earthwork of the dam was exposed that revealed the major elements of its construction. Evidence was recorded that suggested the dam may have been rebuilt on a number of occasions. (Bulletin 446)


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