Compasses Bridge, Alfold

Watching brief by M Cook at the site of the former Compasses Bridge across the Wey and Arun Canal. No remains of the former bridge were identified although the remains of the canal channel were located and recorded and the sequence of construction of the original cutting, channel and bridge were established.

Amlets Lane, Cranleigh

Evaluation by A Taylor and D Platt of TVAS revealed three pits, one of which contained a Bronze Age urn, the others were undated. The vessel form and fabric of the urn fits into the middle to later Deverel-Rimbury tradition. The profile is of a type that has been described as ‘sub-biconical’ and examples, with a flattened rim and a row of perforations, occur in southern British Deverel-Rimbury assemblages from East Anglia to Dorset.


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