Land west of Folly Hill, north of Farnham

A detailed gradiometry survey by T Richardson of Stratascan was conducted over c 5.8ha of grassland. With the exception of a single cut feature that might be archaeological in origin or equally related to modern agricultural activity, the survey did not identify any anomalies of probable archaeological character. The majority of the anomalies detected were modern in origin, including ploughing, services and land drains.

Daniel Hall, Long Garden Walk, Farnham, 2013

Watching brief by D Graham of SyAS on the conversion of a late 18th century barn in 2013. Apart from a possible clay/chalk floor and signs of an episode of burning, there was no evidence for any activity on the site other than the remains of a shallow brick wall running across the centre of the building. The bricks were relatively modern, but underlay the concrete floor and probably represent the line of an earlier partition wall. It seems likely that the area was either open fields or backlands until the barn was constructed in the late 18th century.

Farnham Castle (Wayneflete's Tower) pipeline trench 2006

Watching brief by D Graham of SyAS during the excavation of a pipeline trench at Wayneflete’s Tower (SU 83753 47254). Little of archaeological interest was revealed in an investigation that was too limited to intrude into archaeologically significant levels. It was apparent that the ground around the tower had been raised by around 0.5m, suggesting that any subsequent intrusions below this depth will damage archaeological remains.

For more information please view the attached report.

Farnham Castle new car park report, 2007

Watching brief and resistivity survey by D Graham of SyAS during topsoil removal to create additional car parking spaces. The site lies outside the area of the former (now filled in) inner bailey ditch, and no features were detected. A number of finds were recovered during the topsoil removal, however, including a number of musket and pistol balls, and three powder caps from gunpowder flasks. An incursion of parliamentary forces into the castle courtyard occurred on 26 November 1642, with the royalist garrison surrendering as a result.


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