Six Bells Allotments, Farnham

Evaluation by D Graham of SyAS following the report of Roman pottery, perhaps related to the ‘missing’ villa that should be associated with the nearby bath-house structures known at Roman Way, having been found on the site. No features were revealed, with the supposition being that the pottery might have been imported to the site through manuring. (Bulletin 421)

Frensham Common, Frensham

Topographic survey of the four barrows on the common by D and A Graham of SyAS after they were exposed by a fire. Deterioration in the condition of the monuments was recorded, with a significant loss of the shallow outer banks and ditches since the last survey in 1996, and mitigation measures to halt the alarmingly rapid rate of erosion is planned. (Bulletin 424)

Land at Hale Road, Farnham

Evaluation by J Martin of WA. A small quantity of Bronze Age pottery was recovered from a ditch, while two other ditches produced Early to Middle Iron Age material. Further ditches and a series of postholes were either undated or modern in origin. The sparse nature of the archaeology was not suggestive of concerted settlement. A subsequent metal detector survey of the area produced similarly low-key results, and appeared to confirm the lack of past activity on this large-scale and potentially well-situated site.

Farnham Castle, Farnham

Photographic recording of the interior of the buried walls and foundations of the central tower, and the well shaft within the shell keep, by A Norris and D Graham of SyAS. The structure of the tower no longer survives above ground, with the motte having apparently been raised around the lower storeys of the tower, preserving them for examination. The tower was re-used as a well shaft in the later periods, which has been covered with an unprepossessing concrete slab for some years.


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