45 Castle Street, Farnham

Evaluation and watching brief by D and A Graham of SyAS. Little evidence for domestic occupation of the site prior to the 18th century was revealed, although geophysical survey showed an anomaly that might represent the line of the medieval former town ditch. However, examination of this possibility was beyond the scope of the investigation. Contractors' footings elsewhere on the site provided evidence that suggested some areas had been extensively terraced.

23 Castle Street, Farnham

Watching brief by D and A Graham of SyAS. Evidence was noted that suggested the existing southern brick boundary wall of the site was built over, and followed the alignment of, a medieval ditch that probably marked the line of the original burgage plot, although evidence for a 15th-16th century structure across the feature suggested that the boundary was not a continuous survival, but had been reinstated at a later date.


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