Watching brief at 23 Castle Street, Farnham 2011-12

Watching brief by D Graham of SyAS in advance of building work. Evidence was found that the southern brick boundary wall had been built on top of and on the same alignment as a medieval ditch, which probably marked the line of the original 12th century burgage plot. The ditch had been cut by a later building, possibly 15th/16th century in date, which appeared to extend across width of the garden, and was probably contained within the curtilage of the plot.

Islamabad, Tilford

A second phase of evaluation (SyAC 101, 230) by M Gorniak of OA again recorded no evidence of archaeological activity and the site was observed to be disturbed and possibly truncated by previous development.

Nugent Close, Dunsfold

Evaluation by G Webster of ASE. Two possible features were recorded, although they were likely to be geological in origin. Tiny unstratified fragments of Late Bronze Age/Early Iron Age pottery and medieval tile were the only artefactual material recovered.


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