Godley Bridge, near Wormley

Evaluation by C Champness of OAS (SU 934 376–931 361). The aim of the exercise was to assess the likely impact on archaeological horizons of a programme of seismic testing proposed in the area. Small charges were detonated at the base of 2m deep auger holes to mimic the proposed seismic test, and the area then excavated to examine the damage caused by the explosives. Two excavations revealed that the blast created a crater c 0.6–0.7m in diameter.

Oakwood House, Charleshill

Historic building recording and watching brief by K Bower of PCA during the exposure, subsequent partial demolition, and conversion of a Second World War DFW3/28 anti-tank gun emplacement/pillbox. Elements of the original construction of the structure and later re-use as a domestic building were recorded.

Monkton Lane, Farnham

Evaluation by N Garland of ASE. A number of features ranging from the Middle Iron Age to post-medieval were revealed. The majority were either ditches suggestive of agricultural boundaries and/or drainage features and a few pits, although a palaeochannel was identified during a geoarchaeological investigation, and a single cremation burial was also revealed. Subsequent excavation by G Priestly-Bell of ASE revealed three phases of occupation representing probable small-scale settlement activity dating from the Early Iron Age to the Romano-British period.

Six Bells Allotments, Farnham

Evaluation by D Graham of SyAS following the report of Roman pottery, perhaps related to the ‘missing’ villa that should be associated with the nearby bath-house structures known at Roman Way, having been found on the site. No features were revealed, with the supposition being that the pottery might have been imported to the site through manuring. (Bulletin 421)


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