Hillbury, Puttenham topographical survey 2001

Hillbury Camp, on Puttenham Common, is a univallate earthwork, listed, on no clear grounds, as Iron Age in the county Historic Environment Record and by English Heritage. The camp (SU 9115 4680) is sited at the extreme west end of an east/west sandstone ridge, covers about 2ha (5 acres) and has a defensive circuit consisting of a single bank and ditch earthwork that runs on the fort’s north, east and south sides.

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Geophysical survey and trial trench at St Martha's, Guildford 2004

A project consisting of an initial test geophysical survey in February 2004 followed in April 2004 by a larger survey linked to an archaeological test trench. The hilltop appears to have been levelled before the church was built and, possibly in the Victorian period, raised  again around the church with a mix of sand, mortar, tile sherds.. Little prehistoriv material was found, despite being reported from elsewhere in the vicinity. TQ 0275 4826.

For more information please view the attached report.

Excavations at Guildford Park Manor 1972-5

Archaeological investigations carried out at the moated site of the Royal Manor House of Guildford Park (SU 9691 4931) from1972 to 1975 are described. The site, which has no significant standing buildings, forms part of the garden of Manor Farm and is owned by the University of Surrey. Geophysical surveys, other surveys, historical records and discussions with the tenant farmer were used to decide on the relatively small parts of the site that would be most convenient and valuable to investigate.

Emergency Investigation into Treasure Hunting Damage in June/July 2002 to the Roman Religious Complex at Wanborough, Surrey

The Roman religious site at Wanborough (SU 9204 4958) has a long history of being damaged by treasure hunters and in many ways is the most notorious example of such activity in the country. Following the discovery of the site in the late 1970s a number of raids took place, leading to the mounting of a rescue excavation in 1985-6 (O’Connell & Bird 1994).

Geophysical survey and trial trenching at New Barn Field, Green Lane, Wanborough, 2016

The well-known Roman temples site at Wanborough lies north of the Hog’s Back between Farnham and Guildford. The site was first excavated in 1979, again in 1985/6 following large scale treasure hunting and most recently in 1999 when David Williams directed an excavation that revealed a second earlier circular temple (Surrey Archaeological Collections vols 75, 82 and 93 respectively).

Church Street, Effingham

Evaluation by H Rance of SLR revealed three ditches and the remains of an infilled pond. Environmental material sampled from the primary fill of the pond suggested a Saxo-Norman date for the deposit. Saxo-Norman pottery was also recovered from one of the ditches.


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