Weir House, Millmead, Guildford

Oxford Archaeology (OA) has carried out a programme of investigation and recording at Weir House in Guildford, Surrey, a Grade II Listed Building owned by the National Trust and situated in a Conservation Area. The house is in good condition and currently inhabited by tenants. The work is in advance of any possible changes that may be proposed in the future so that informed conservation recommendations can be made for practical and effective management that will not compromise the buildings special features and overall historic value.

St Mary's Church, Guildford

Although no significant archaeological remains were identified during the preliminary Phase 1 watching brief works the Phase 2 works partially exposed two articulated skeletons which were preserved in-situ. The works also revealed two brick culverts. The investigation of the straw and organic material in the roof structure was of interest. The straw appears to have been used as a packing material rather than being traces of a former thatched roof and its use in this way appears to be very unusual.


Test pitting by C Hayward of SyAS recovered medieval pottery from several gardens, together with a small amount of Roman pottery, adding to evidence for settlement in the Roman period.

Allianz car park, 57 Ladymead, Guildford

Geoarchaeological investigation by C Green of QUEST consisting of two boreholes and two test pits revealed that the site lies largely on the Holocene flood plain of the river Wey. Only towards the southern boundary of the site did the ground rise towards the level of the Kempton Park Terrace and the Upper Palaeolithic occupation horizon recorded on the surface of that terrace to the south of the A25 (Ladymead). In that area, extensive disturbance was recorded, probably as a result of the construction of the Guildford and Godalming by-pass in the 1930s and previous building work.


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