Woodbridge Road, Guildford

Evaluation and excavation by S Deeves of PCA revealed significant disturbance to the site and little of interest remained, except that in one small area flood plain deposits were found to have survived. Excavation of these deposits revealed evidence for an important occupation site datable to the later Mesolithic period, and involved the recovery of c 100,000–150,000 pieces of struck flint.

Former Barnwood School, Guildford

Evaluation by D Hart of LPA prior to residential redevelopment revealed a palaeochannel and two potential ditches, together with a relative abundance of Roman finds and evidence of post-medieval agricultural activity. The site is adjacent to a previously excavated Roman rural site and close to the villa building on Broadstreet Common. However, the evidence suggests that this area was largely beyond the curtilage of the main settlement.

71–73 High Street, Guildford

Conclusion of archaeological monitoring by J Pine of TVAS, following evaluation and excavation in 2001 and 2002. Little of interest was noted during piling activities on the site, although possible medieval features were recorded in excavations to create lift pits, and underpinning works revealed a chalk block wall of potential medieval date.

Manor Park, Guildford

Excavation by J Pine of TVAS on the site of the proposed University of Surrey expansion area. Three possible buildings, a four-post structure, isolated postholes, pits and gullies were recorded in one distinct area, together with isolated postholes, ditches and a gully. The majority of these features contained pottery, which was similar in type to that found during the 2002 evaluation, being of Late Bronze Age/Early Iron Age date.


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