Dominican Friary, Guildford

Excavation by R.J. Poulton for SyAS, Guildford Museum and DOE (second season, 1978; first 1974 by H. Woods). Plan of nave of church (much damaged) and a large number of burials recovered, including that of a young girl in a lead coffin in the church. (151; SyAS Research Report 00)

5 and 6 Millmead, Guildford

Excavation (1975-6) by Barbara Blatchford and Audrey Monk for the Guildford Group of SyAS produced two features with flint, chalk and tile fragments and associated 13th/14th century pottery, a burnt area with associated late 12th/ 13th century pottery, and several later features. (132)

Guildford Park Manor

Excavation by Dr A.G. Crocker for the University of Surrey Archaeological Society and Department of Adult Education (fourth season, 1975). Various features of 13th to 17th century date were located at the north end of the moated island, and part of the manor house was also found. (129; summary report in SyAC 97)

Holmbury Hill

Apparently unrecorded earthwork investigated by G Elmore, D J Field and Pat Nicolaysen. An approximately oval enclosure some 400 yards by 200 with a bank and external ditch on three sides disturbed on the south by ‘recent’ quarrying.


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