Two sherds of RB pottery, a few small pieces of iron slag, and flint-tempered pottery found in fieldwork by Ann Watson.(145)

Dominican Friary, Guildford

Excavation by R.J. Poulton for SyAS, Guildford Museum and DOE (second season, 1978; first 1974 by H. Woods). Plan of nave of church (much damaged) and a large number of burials recovered, including that of a young girl in a lead coffin in the church. (151; SyAS Research Report 00)

5 and 6 Millmead, Guildford

Excavation (1975-6) by Barbara Blatchford and Audrey Monk for the Guildford Group of SyAS produced two features with flint, chalk and tile fragments and associated 13th/14th century pottery, a burnt area with associated late 12th/ 13th century pottery, and several later features. (132)


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