Guildford Castle, Guildford

Watching brief by W Weller of SCAU. The reconstruction of a front boundary wall afforded the opportunity to examine the area west of the former Great Hall for evidence of a porch. A substantial foundation characteristic of 12th–13th century construction was revealed, but it could not be determined whether it related to a porch or another form of structure.

St Catherine’s Chapel, Guildford

Excavation by D Calow of SyAS to test one of the anomalies revealed during a resistivity survey 20m to the east of the chapel in 2008. Three pits were revealed, containing finds suggestive of an 18th century date and possibly related to the annual fair. Worked flint consistent with reports of Mesolithic material discovered in the area in 1976 was recovered, but the anomaly noted during the previous survey was thought to have been caused by the underlying geology. (Bulletin 422)


Trial excavation (1977) by Ann Watson followed by excavation (1978) by M.G. O'Connell for SyAS and DOE located a few 12th century features, and prehistoric pottery in apparently redeposited soil. (155)


Two sherds of RB pottery, a few small pieces of iron slag, and flint-tempered pottery found in fieldwork by Ann Watson.(145)


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