Titan Sheds, Blacksmith Lane, Chilworth

Historic building recording by A Williamson of ASE. Two structures were recorded prior to their demolition. Both buildings were located within an area where gunpowder manufacture on the Chilworth Gunpowder Mills site had originated in the 17th century. However, later development had apparently removed any evidence of such early activity and the site and structures fell outside the area of the Scheduled Monument.

Flexford, Guildford

Four seasons of excavation directed by D Calow of SyAS, following magnetometry and earlier trial trenching. A V-shaped Roman ditch, 2m wide x 1.2m deep, running east--west at the northern end of the site was found to continue into the neighbouring field where there was a second ditch alongside it on a slightly different alignment. The ditches may form the northern boundary of the Roman site. A Roman furnace was located that was similar to two previously identified, and which had an unusual 2m-long gully leading to the hearth.

20 Bury Fields, Guildford

Watching brief by R Humphrey and K Bower of PCA revealed evidence for post-medieval agricultural activity in the form of a possible ploughsoil, together with several post-medieval features indicative of occupation including a brick soakaway and clay-lined pit possibly for the retention of liquids.


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