20th century


Woking Park and former Westfield Tip, Woking

Two phases of evaluation by S Mounce of WA in advance of flood protection, landscaping, tip remediation and redevelopment alongside the Hoe Stream. The first phase revealed a significant depth of alluvial deposits, late 19th and early 20th artefacts likely to have been washed up and deposited by the Hoe in a trench closest to the modern course of the stream, but no deposits of archaeological interest. The second phase revealed alluvial layers within all of the trenches, confirming that the site historically lay within the flood plain.

Oakwood House, Charleshill

Historic building recording and watching brief by K Bower of PCA during the exposure, subsequent partial demolition, and conversion of a Second World War DFW3/28 anti-tank gun emplacement/pillbox. Elements of the original construction of the structure and later re-use as a domestic building were recorded.

Kingswood Warren, Kingswood

Earthwork survey by L Gadsby of COT and K Page-Smith of Nexus recorded the surviving elements of the 19th and 20th century gardens. The presence of possible earlier remains associated with the woodland and rabbit warren formerly on the site was noted, including one possible pillow mound. An evaluation by T Harvard of COT recorded the footings of 19th century garden structures, but only the recovery of two pieces of unstratified worked flint suggested the possibility of earlier activity on the site.


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