20th century


Caterham Valley Board School (former), Farningham Road, Caterham

Historic building recording by K Harrow and watching brief by S Price of ASE. The building is an example of a Board School constructed in the latter part of the 19th century, with a contemporary teacher’s house. The school was enlarged c 1900 with the addition of a large north-west range, and modifications and extensions to the original building. A number of ancillary buildings were constructed to the west between c 1900 and 1935.

Blackdown Primary School (Portesbery School) (former), Deepcut

Evaluation by N Randall of SCAU recorded an undated pit, possibly an earth oven, and two unstratified flint cores of Mesolithic or Neolithic date. Across the centre of the site were large areas of ground disturbance that probably related to the 20th century use of the site as military barracks, and the impact of a railway line that traversed the site during the inter-war period.

Pretoria Road, Chertsey

Historic building recording by L Prosser for SCAU. The two principal buildings were of early 20th century date, later augmented by structures in the 1950s–70s that created a continuous industrial complex with smaller associated buildings. Several of these are probably also of early 20th century date. The earliest buildings were fairly technologically advanced, employing lightweight steel-framed construction with pink Fletton brick infill. Subsequent modification and development was traceable through the 20th century, with later augmentation and remodelling of the older buildings.


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