Reigate & Banstead

Land at Langshott, Horley

Evaluation by A Thorne of ASE identified several ditches, probably part of the medieval and post-medieval field systems recorded on previous investigations nearby (SyAC 95, 309; 92, 279). No discrete features were recorded and only a few sherds of medieval pottery were recovered.

Brook Wood, land at north-east Horley

Excavation by A Margetts of ASE, following on from contiguous work in 2012, revealed continuing evidence of Middle/Late Iron Age and Late Iron Age/Romano-British activity. Further medieval and post-medieval evidence was recorded, mainly comprising field systems. Results from the site show that prehistoric, Romano-British and medieval settlement in the area developed and extended in close proximity to arterial waterways such as the Burstow stream where fertile land, with both riverine and forest habitat resources, clearly presented an attractive proposition to ancient settlers.

Lime Trees Primary School, Battlebridge Lane, Merstham

Evaluation and subsequent excavation by W Weller of SCAU produced residual Mesolithic and Neolithic flintwork and a potential Bronze Age ditch terminal. An intensive period of activity began in the Middle Iron Age and extended into the early 2nd century AD, with a series of boundary or enclosure ditches and pits dominating the excavated area. The ditches may have formed a rectangular enclosure or field boundaries associated with a central domestic enclosure of a previously, partially recorded farmstead.

Red Cross Building (former), Reigate Castle, Reigate

Evaluation by K Krawiec for ASE confirmed the presence of the former castle moat, although the edge of the moat was not observed. A borehole survey confirmed that 19th century backfill made up a large proportion of the material infilling the moat, although the primary fills included an in-situ organic deposit. The lower deposits did not yield reliable material for dating, but a layer of leaf litter returned a date of 1670 cal AD to post-1950 cal AD (280-10 cal BP).


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