Reigate & Banstead

Reigate Priory

Report by D W Williams of the recovery of part of the mullion and transom of a Tudor window from the foundations of a probably 18th century boundary wall. It presumably came from the Priory. Also recovered were a few medieval sherds, a plain floor tile and the base of an undated Purbeck marble mortar. (180)


Small-scale excavation was carried out by D W Williams for HAG around the Golf Club house, supposedly the site from which came the well-known waster jug. Only eight sherds of medieval pottery were found. (183)

16 Bell Street, Reigate

Further excavation was carried out by D W Williams for HAG in advance of proposed redevelopment. Just above the natural sand were found a barrel padlock and many sherds of coarse sandy ware cooking pots, associated with carbonised seeds and fish bones. A 12th century date for this pottery and a pit group from the earlier, published, excavation was supported by the discovery nearby of a 12th century French billon denier minted in Angoulême.

Redhill town centre

Reported by D W Williams that peat samples had been taken in advance of redevelopment. They indicated that the area was once a large lake arid were thought to represent at least 1000 years of build-up in the 3m thick layer.

Chart Lane, Reigate

Excavation by D W Williams for HAG on open land opposite Reigate parish church, to test for Saxon settlement evidence. No features earlier than 19th century were found, and no finds earlier than the 13th except for two shell-tempered sherds. (198)

site of Priory Park Motors, West Street, Reigate

Observation of redevelopment work by D W Williams showed that the petrol station had destroyed all archaeological features except the late medieval undercroft. Part of the east-west section along Slipshoe Street could be recorded, revealing at least three former surfaces of the road. The earliest contained small sherds of 16th/17th century pottery and leather including the end of a knife sheath and part of a shoe. (207)


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