Reigate & Banstead

Margery Wood, Margery Lane, Reigate

A topographic survey by R Hooker and J Newell for the Prehistoric Group of SyAS recorded an earthwork formed of a broad shallow ditch, to the south of a wide low bank. The bank had a series of protuberances on its north side. Towards the east they were regularly spaced at about 8–10m intervals. The feature presently measures c 450m in length but was probably truncated at its eastern end, without recording, by the construction of the M25. (Bulletin 446)

Kingswood Warren, Kingswood

Earthwork survey by L Gadsby of COT and K Page-Smith of Nexus recorded the surviving elements of the 19th and 20th century gardens. The presence of possible earlier remains associated with the woodland and rabbit warren formerly on the site was noted, including one possible pillow mound. An evaluation by T Harvard of COT recorded the footings of 19th century garden structures, but only the recovery of two pieces of unstratified worked flint suggested the possibility of earlier activity on the site.

Albury Farm, Merstham

Magnetometry survey of the Scheduled medieval moated site by D Calow of SyAS as part of the Merstham Community Archaeology Project. Although features were difficult to discern because of interference from recently deposited metallic objects, a possible linear anomaly could represent one side of the former moat.

Home Farm, Merstham

Historic building recording by S Underdown of OAS. The oldest part of the property contained evidence for the remains of two bays of a medieval open hall house of probable late 14th to early 15th century date. A two-bay extension was dendrochronologically dated to 1580–97, with further extensions noted, dating to around 1700 and then continuing through the 18th–20th centuries. The property had been unoccupied for some time, and considerable damage to the historic fabric of the structure was noted, through a combination of vandalism, arson and neglect.


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