Reigate & Banstead

Garage site (former), Longfield Crescent, Preston, Tadworth

Evaluation by D Bray of TVAS. Previous work in the 1950s identified medieval structural remains related to the manor of Preston Hawe. Despite the known archaeological potential of the site there was no evidence of archaeological deposits or artefacts. It would therefore appear that following the original archaeological investigations the area was horizontally truncated and all archaeological material removed.

Merland Rise, Tadworth

Evaluation by T Munnery of SCAU revealed residual Mesolithic and Neolithic flintwork, a number of probable Late Bronze Age/Early Iron Age ditches and medieval or post-medieval quarry/dene holes. The character of the ditches suggests they form part of a field system rather than a settlement enclosure.

Margery Wood, Margery Lane, Reigate

A topographic survey by R Hooker and J Newell for the Prehistoric Group of SyAS recorded an earthwork formed of a broad shallow ditch, to the south of a wide low bank. The bank had a series of protuberances on its north side. Towards the east they were regularly spaced at about 8–10m intervals. The feature presently measures c 450m in length but was probably truncated at its eastern end, without recording, by the construction of the M25. (Bulletin 446)


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