Reigate & Banstead

London Road, Reigate

Section across a building on the Auction Rooms site recorded by D W Williams for HAG. The remains are identified as the rear of a probably early 17th century building backing onto the lip of the castle ditch and demolished and backfilled c1700. Earlier levels may have existed here. (234)

Reigate Priory Park

Excavation by D W Williams for HAG following report of BA finds located by metal detector revealed 36 prehistoric sherds of probable LBA date but no features. The original metal finds were a socketed axe and seven pieces of copper cake. A small fragment of a sword blade is said to have come from a spot nearby, and another piece of copper cake from the Park some years ago. (241)

Wiggie, Redhill

Survey of housing development by D W Williams: a scatter of crudely worked flint and three small prehistoric sherds were found, and a concentration of 13th century pottery was noted in the north-west corner of the site. Metal detector users recovered a medieval jetton and a decorated lead weight.

Batts Hill

Report by D W Williams of a small quantity of late 12th/early 13th century pottery including shell-tempered wares collected by Mr Martin from an allotment. There is also later medieval and Tudor material more widely spread across the allotments. The finds may be related to the site of Linkfield Manor which should be in the vicinity. (254)

38–40 Bell Street, Reigate

Observation by D W Williams of the refurbishment and extension of the 18th century building; two substantial stone walls at right angles were noted. Substantial probably medieval moulded stone fragments suggest they may have been part of the priory, perhaps a guest house. An arch voussoir fragment was found which may have come from the 18th century demolition of the Tudor priory.

Brewery Cottages, Reigate

Excavation by D W Williams for Reigate and Banstead Archaeological Co-ordination Committee located a 12th/13th century cesspit with the handle of a curfew, a later cesspit with a timber base in situ and a large late medieval pit with timber and post revetment, re-lined with stone and timber in the late 16th century, purpose unknown.

Reigate Castle

Small-scale excavation by G N Hayman for SCAU and Reigate & Banstead Borough Council to test the outer bank of the wet moat on the north side of the Castle to provide management information. The existing bank was shown to be post-medieval but it encapsulated a counterscarp bank probably of 13th century date.


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