Land North of Tanyard Farm, Horley (Horley North East Sector Development)

Soil stripping, mapping and sampling of four large areas by A Thorne of ASE. Area one revealed a series of linear features and scattered pits and postholes, probably of Roman date and representing agricultural activity. Substantial evidence of post-medieval and modern field systems was also present in both above and below-ground forms. Areas two and three were badly truncated and damaged, but revealed similar evidence for agricultural land management and activity in the Late Iron Age/Early Roman periods. Area four revealed only a single post-medieval linear feature. A fifth area was evaluated by G Dawkes of ASE, revealing a series of shallow pits and ditches of medieval date, and a sizable assemblage of ironworking residues. Subsequent excavation indicated that a field system had existed in the area in around.1250--1350, which had been superseded by a period of pitting in the 15th century. The ironworking was thought to indicate smelting rather than forging and was found in both ditches and pits, suggesting the activity was continuing between the later 13th to later 15th centuries.