Bronze Age


Excavation by M G O'Connell for SCC, DOE and Ready Mixed Concrete Ltd, in advance of gravel extraction, examined a large area of a crop mark complex including a prehistoric trackway and a hut probably of similar LBA/EIA date. (164)


Over 70 sherds of Beaker pottery, including both fine and coarse wares, recovered by M Russell. They probably represent occupation activity. (179)


Topsoil stripping observed by M G O’Connell and R J Poulton for SCC, DoE and British Airports Authority revealed various features; a (probable) LBA pit was recorded in detail. At TQ 053 746 fresh cursus sections were recorded in pipeline and road construction.


Large-scale excavation by M G O'Connell for SCC, Hall Aggregates (Thames Valley) Ltd, HBMC, and the Community Task Force. Neolithic cursus ditches recorded in detail in several places, also probably LBA field boundaries and large pits (7 wells), some with waterlogged wood remains. The supposed `henge', tentatively identified on aerial photographs, was found to be an ill-defined probably Saxon feature.


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