633 Franklands Drive, Addlestone

Soil stripping, mapping and sampling by I Howell of MOLA. The work comprised Phase I of the mitigation programme necessitated by the results of the evaluation in 2008. The remains of 25 urned cremations of probable Late Iron Age/Early Roman date were revealed in a cluster, with an additional seven features interpreted as un-urned cremations of a similar period. A further four discrete features separated from the main cluster were thought to be un-urned cremations, and a single long bone within another feature was tentatively identified as a possible inhumation burial. Two urns of Middle Bronze Age date, one of which was associated with a pit containing burnt stones, were also found away from the main cluster. It was suggested that these earlier features might be significant, as they would most likely have been located beneath barrows that would probably have been visible above ground in the later period, and led to the re-use of the site. Evidence for burial practices of this period is extremely rare in Surrey, and if dating can be secured this would represent one of the most significant cemeteries to be discovered in recent years. Work is ongoing.