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Ditch c 1m wide by 0.6m deep recorded by G H Cole in building foundation work. The upper fill contained post-medieval pottery, the lower medieval and Surrey white ware sherds. (182)

48–54 High Street, Bagshot

Trial excavation by C H Cole for the Surrey Heath Group of SyAS produced evidence of occupation from the 13th/14th centuries to the present. Finds included a nearly complete late 16th century shoe. (184) In further excavation the earliest levels seen were a medieval trampled layer cut by a boundary and/or drainage ditch and by a 16th century building of two phases which was demolished in the mid-17th century.


Small-scale excavation was carried out by D W Williams for HAG around the Golf Club house, supposedly the site from which came the well-known waster jug. Only eight sherds of medieval pottery were found. (183)

16 Bell Street, Reigate

Further excavation was carried out by D W Williams for HAG in advance of proposed redevelopment. Just above the natural sand were found a barrel padlock and many sherds of coarse sandy ware cooking pots, associated with carbonised seeds and fish bones. A 12th century date for this pottery and a pit group from the earlier, published, excavation was supported by the discovery nearby of a 12th century French billon denier minted in Angoulême.

Not given

Excavation by E Crossland for LDLHS of a site producing IA an RB pottery from pit and ditch features, discovered in M25 construction.


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