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Old Vicarage Site, Church Street, Reigate.

Excavation was carried out over the two years by D Williams for the Holmesdale Archaeological Group and SyAS, and in September-October 1974 by R J Poulton for SCC and DOE. The latter concentrated on the Saxo-Norman levels with several pits and some evidence for minor industry, suggesting that this area was the ‘backlands’ to a settlement closer to the parish church. A later trial trench on the Church Street frontage could not confirm this hypothesis because of late disturbance. A notable find was a probably Saxo-Norman bone skate.

Slines Oaks

Excavation by M Russell for the Bourne Society on a site located by R Williams in fieldwork. The probable Mesolithic ground surface was identified, and c 6000 pieces of flint were recovered.


Two trial excavations by G H Cole in advance of redevelopment produced Mesolithic cores and flakes, medieval and post-medieval pottery but no structures. A stratified sequence of c 50 clay pipe bowls from the early 17th to the mid-19th centuries was recovered. (182)


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