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Church Meadow, Church Street, Ewell

Excavation by N Cowlard of Church Meadow Project in an area consecrated to be incorporated into the adjacent burial ground of St Mary’s church. This revealed a series of narrow flint linear features heavily impacted on by past ploughing. The features may represent an area of hardstanding or a building platform, and are likely to be of Romano-British date. A ditch of Romano-British date was located running parallel to the alignment of Stane Street, previously identified during excavations in the churchyard.

Brockhill near Parley Bridge, Horsell

Excavation (1975) by Nancy Cox for Mayford History Society discovered Mesolithic flints and led to the rediscovery of an earlier collection of over 1500 implements from the site, some of them of the Upper Palaeolithic. Later excavation (1977) by C. Bonsall for Mayford History Society, SyAS, DOE and the British Museum confirmed the importance of the site and collection. (126 and 139)

Lagham Manor

Excavation (1975-6) by Lesley Ketteringham for the Bourne Society recovered the plan of a large barn probably demolished c1262. A dump of several hundred decorated floor tiles of 16 different designs of 'Westminster' type, probably originally coming from the ancient manor house (demolished early 17th century), was found in the remains of a small outbuilding. (137)

16 Bell Street, Reigate

Excavation by D.W. Williams for Holmesdale Archaeological Group and SyAS (second season, 1975-6) located part of a 13th century building probably demolished in the 16th century, cut by a well or soakaway filled in in the 17th century, and an 18th century pit. South of this building was a revetted ditch filled in probably in the early 14th century, and traces of a possible outbuilding demolished in the 16th century. Other late finds were made. (128)


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