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Tattenham Way Allotments, Banstead

Ongoing research excavation by P Harp of Plateau continued to recover later prehistoric artefacts. In the 2003 season, approximately 100 pieces of struck flint and ten sherds of late prehistoric pottery were recovered from just beneath the plough-soil. An additional test pit was excavated as part of the Time Team `Big Dig’; finds consisted mainly of Bronze Age struck flint, one sherd of Bronze Age pottery, one rim sherd of Late Roman pottery and three fragments of medieval roof tile

Rookery Farm, Lower Kingswood

Research excavation by P Harp of Plateau. Approximately 200 Lower or Middle Palaeolithic pieces of struck flint were recovered, mainly from what was interpreted as the disturbed boundary zone between Clay-with-Flints and a loessic deposit under the plough-soil. A quantity of post-glacial lithics was also recovered. In addition to the note in 2003 (SyAC 90, 353), it should be reported that one of the surface finds was a Levallois core.


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