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London Road, Reigate

Section across a building on the Auction Rooms site recorded by D W Williams for HAG. The remains are identified as the rear of a probably early 17th century building backing onto the lip of the castle ditch and demolished and backfilled c1700. Earlier levels may have existed here. (234)

Reigate Priory Park

Excavation by D W Williams for HAG following report of BA finds located by metal detector revealed 36 prehistoric sherds of probable LBA date but no features. The original metal finds were a socketed axe and seven pieces of copper cake. A small fragment of a sword blade is said to have come from a spot nearby, and another piece of copper cake from the Park some years ago. (241)

South Farm, Lightwater

Sixth season of excavation by G H Cole for SHAHT. Two distinct areas were examined. In the first a rectangular well was found and dated to before AD 200; it was severely disturbed by a ditch whose fill was dated cAD 200-250 and by the construction of a cesspit of cAD 1780. The second area produced worked flint dated Mesolithic/Neolithic and a barbed and tanged arrowhead. Late Iron Age pottery was found and part of a late 1st or early 2nd century AD Romanised building indicated by beam slots and said to have sand or gravel floors.


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