Junction of A25 and Oxted Road, Godstone

Programme of work comprising a soil stripping, mapping and sampling exercise, watching brief, and trial pit excavation, by A Simmonds of OAS. The initial approach for the stripping, mapping and sampling across the entire site was modified during the course of the work to one designed to preserve deposits in situ across much of it. This followed the discovery that a significant depth of colluvial deposits overlay the archaeological horizons.

North Park Farm Quarry, Bletchingley

Three further phases of excavation by P Jones and R Lambert of SCAU adjacent to areas previously investigated. The first phase undertaken in the summer of 2011 was to the immediate west of the area investigated in 2009. The range and character of the archaeological features present were closely similar to those identified in 2009. The features included three Mesolithic pits (which were 100% sampled and sieved for flintwork), an early medieval pit oddly sited out on the Gault clay, and a continuation of the late medieval/ early post-medieval roadway identified during the work in 2005.

North of Place Farm, Bletchingley

Excavation by M Williams of WA revealed evidence of a substantial walled structure possibly associated with two parallel boundary walls, and the remains of a possible fish pond, 200m north of the inner gatehouse of Bletchingley Place, the property given by Henry VIII to Anne of Cleves as part of her divorce settlement. The suggestion is that the structure may be a northern gatehouse leading from the walled gardens surrounding Bletchingley Place into the deer park to the north.


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