Doghurst House, Grants Lane, Limpsfield

Monitoring by Z Pozorski of AS undertaken during floor level reduction within a timber-framed structure believed to be largely of 15th and 16th century date, with 19th and 20th century alterations, but the core of which is thought to be medieval. The monitoring revealed earlier floor layers, and the remains of a hearth constructed of peg tiles dated to the 15th and 17th centuries. Historic building recording undertaken by M Higgins of SCC during refurbishment and extension revealed the two earliest phases of its development to be c1425 and c1475.

Titsey Park, Titsey

Geophysical survey and standing remains recording by D Calow, A Hall and N Cowlard of SyAS. The geophysical survey was hampered by tree cover, but confirmed the existence of a second building to the east and suggested a series of hitherto unknown anomalies that might represent ditches, as well as indicating that demolition deposits could extend over a considerable area.

Junction of A25 and Oxted Road, Godstone

Programme of work comprising a soil stripping, mapping and sampling exercise, watching brief, and trial pit excavation, by A Simmonds of OAS. The initial approach for the stripping, mapping and sampling across the entire site was modified during the course of the work to one designed to preserve deposits in situ across much of it. This followed the discovery that a significant depth of colluvial deposits overlay the archaeological horizons.


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