Chatley Farm, Cobham

Excavation by M G O'Connell and R J Poulton for SCC and DOE located only unstratified pottery and no features from an area producing RB pottery found by Ann Watson in fieldwalking near the scheduled bath-house site. A later trench by R J Poulton following geophysical survey also failed to locate any surviving features. (158 and 166)

Stane Street

Roman road section in pipeline trench recorded by R J Poulton and M G O’Connell for SCC and British Pipeline Agency. Near the pipeline crossing two unspecified RB coins were found by a metal detector user and reported by E Crossland. (See SyAC 75, 289)

15/16 Church Street, Dorking

Continued excavation by Vivien Ettlinger for SyAS in advance of redevelopment located a second length of V-shaped ditch c 3m wide and 1.5m deep on the possible line of Stane Street. Finds from the overall excavation included large quantities of RB pottery and building material, a brooch, coins of the 2nd to 4th centuries, a bone pin and a bone disc. (181)

Kempton Park

Mammoth teeth and tusk and bones of woolly rhinoceros found in gravel extraction and reported by J J Chapman. Also found was a nearly complete pot, 3rd/4th century AD, presumably originally associated with a burial.

Abbey Meads

Site watching of topsoil removal before gravel extraction by J J Chapman for SAFG revealed no features and only two flints and one fragment of RB pottery.


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