19-31 High Street, Bagshot

Final phase of excavation by G H Cole for Surrey Heath Group of SyAS located the outfall of an early 17th century wooden water supply pipe partly excavated in 1983. It is thought to have supplied an artificial pond for watering animals. Possibly Mesolithic flint flakes, a scattering of abraded 3rd/4th century RB pottery and various 13th-14th century ditches and other features were also recorded. (212)

Saxon County School, Shepperton

Excavation by R J Poulton for SCC in advance of building work. A flint scatter and a Mesolithic tranchet axe indicated prehistoric activity in the area, and RB pottery and tile suggested a nearby site, whose whereabouts were possibly identified by a resistivity survey. The excavation produced a substantial early Saxon midden deposit, with much bone and pottery, the latter of a number of different types. There were also late Saxon ditches parallel to previous discoveries, and a scatter of medieval pottery. (216)

former Johnson & Clark site, Staines

Excavation and site watching by N Shepherd and P M G Tones for SCC, Crowngap and Royal Insurance in advance of redevelopment. The area proved to have been much disturbed in the post-medieval period, but it was possible to trace RB flood deposits in a former channel at the rear of the site, and some fragments of early RB clay and timber buildings in the centre. Finds from later disturbance indicated the former presence nearby of substantial RB buildings. Traces of a medieval timber structure were also found and the much damaged remains of a medieval stone building on the street frontage.

Courage's Brewery, Staines

Excavation by P M G Jones for SCC and Courage in advance of redevelopment examined medieval river channels and an area adjacent to the Church Street frontage, where some deeper features survived destruction by recent activity. One deep linear feature had a fill of RB building debris, and a levelling layer over it contained early to mid Saxon pottery. A ditch filled in in the 1101/12th century and several 13th-14th century features were also found. (220)

Felday Enclosure

Excavation by D .1 Field for LTRG of a further defence section. It again showed a feature like a ditch terminal; possibly the ditch is discontinuous. A sample of the initial fill was dated to the mid 1st century AID by A.1 Clark. (206)

Green Lane, Wanborough

Excavation by M G O'Connell for SyAS, SCC, Conoco UK, 130 MC and many other sponsors to rescue the site from damage by vandals using metal detectors, who were found to have destroyed an area of some 300m5. The foundations of a Romano-Celtic temple of the usual double square pattern were discovered, and the building located in 1979 was further examined. They were probably contemporary. The temple post-dated a black layer, provisionally thought to contain material of the mid 1st to mid 2nd centuries, with which were associated a number of items of bronze priestly regalia (figs 1, 2).

2-46 West Street, Ewell

Excavation and site watching by R J Poulton and M G O'Connell for SCC and Epsom and Ewell Borough Council in advance of redevelopment. An undated chalk cellar and well were found aligned to West Street but not related to the most recent buildings on site. A substantial amount of RB tile and pottery (especially 2nd century) was found associated with a cobbled surface (?yard). (208; see this volume for report)


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