Kempton Park

Mammoth teeth and tusk and bones of woolly rhinoceros found in gravel extraction and reported by J J Chapman. Also found was a nearly complete pot, 3rd/4th century AD, presumably originally associated with a burial.

Abbey Meads

Site watching of topsoil removal before gravel extraction by J J Chapman for SAFG revealed no features and only two flints and one fragment of RB pottery.

Not given

Excavation by E Crossland for LDLHS of a site producing IA an RB pottery from pit and ditch features, discovered in M25 construction.


Animal bones, including several of horse and cattle, and two fragments of 1st century AD pottery from a buried watercourse noted in gravel extraction and reported by J J Chapman. Map ref centered

Frensham Manor

Aerial photography by K D Graham revealed the existence of a sub-rectangular double ditched enclosure of approximately 1.6ha. Possible IA date suggested by supposed finds by metal detector users of IA and Roman Republican coins in this area. Fieldwaiking of field immediately to west revealed a late 1st to early 2nd century RB site. (194; see note in this volume by David Graham and R A Merson)


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