Lagham Manor

Excavation (1975-6) by Lesley Ketteringham for the Bourne Society recovered the plan of a large barn probably demolished c1262. A dump of several hundred decorated floor tiles of 16 different designs of 'Westminster' type, probably originally coming from the ancient manor house (demolished early 17th century), was found in the remains of a small outbuilding. (137)

14/16/18 London Street, Chertsey

Excavation by R.J. Poulton for SyAS and DOE revealed a sequence of timber buildings starting probably in the 12th century, to the late 16th century and followed by at least seven phases of brick-built structures through to the late 19th century. It should be possible to establish a pottery sequence from the 12th to the 19th century. (146; check SyAC 85)

Petter's Sports Field, Egham

Excavation by M.G. O'Connell for SyAS and DOE located an Early/Middle BA ditch, a LBA ditch containing a 78 piece bronze hoard (including a variety of weapons, tools, vessels, and ornamental attachments, and much pottery in the levels above), two parallel RB ditches (one a palisade trench?) probably of the later first century and part of a RB roadside ditch containing a coin of Constantine, part of a medieval ditch containing 12th century pottery and bone, and several later features. (138) Excavation was also continued on one part of the site by D.M.

Sutton Park, Woking

Second season of excavation by D G Bird for SCC, SyAS and DOE located part of the foundations of a 16th century brick building, perhaps an outbuilding (? gazebo) of Sutton Place. Further parts of the medieval ditch system were located. In the third season an entrance through the ditches, which perhaps defined a sub-circular enclosure surrounding the medieval manor house, was examined. (Bulletin 162 and Bulletin 172)


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