A re-survey of an outlying barrow of a group of barrows on Frensham Common, 2010

This barrow was surveyed by the RCHME in 1996 in advance of repair work, which involved raising the mound by about 60cm and laying gravel along the line of the footpath which crosses the barrow.  By 2010 this gravel had worn away and this mound together with the group of three to the south, was re-surveyed by D and A Graham of SyAS at the request of English Heritage, to record the state of the monument.

Re-survey of three barrows on King's Ridge, Frensham Common, 2010

In 1996 the three barrows and the one immediately to the north were surveyed by the RCHME in advance of work to repair damage caused by horses and walkers eroding the mounds.  This work involved capping the mounds, though not the southernmost one, with sand and laying gravel along the line of the paths that cross the crests of the barrows. By 2010 the gravel paths were again eroding away and the mounds being damaged by the pressure of public use of the Common.


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