M25 River Wey Crossing

Two pieces of wood recovered by contractors from the River Wey, recorded by D G Bird for SCC, on information by D Chapman. One piece was a stake with rough notches, the other a tree trunk split (? deliberately) down the middle. Both had evidently been buried for some time but no firm dating was possible.

Westbury House, Guildford

Salvage excavation early in the year by Julia Arthur for Guildford Museum located walls shown on the 1739 plan. Later excavation recovered much medieval pottery, a substantial proportion being Saxo-Norman, some medieval building material, two hearths and a probable wall, six largely complete and articulated animal skeletons and a dumbbell-shaped limekiln (probably 12th century).

196 High Street, Guildford

Reported by M J Alexander that redevelopment and refurbishment had revealed a 15th century crown post roof and evidence suggesting that the building had been designed from the first as a: shop. A 13th century pit (or pits) was partially excavated behind the building by Julia Arthur.

Felday Enclosure

Excavation by D J Field for LTRG of earthwork enclosure (of c 9ha) noted in survey. The bank and ditch were sectioned at the southern end and their existence and antiquity confirmed.:The ditch had been cut through layers of tabular sandstone which had apparently been used to construct parallel dump walls some 3m apart to serve as a rampart core or revetment. It seemed that the ditch was sampled at or near a terminal, as it rose from 2.4m deep on the west side of the trench to 1.4m on the east.


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