Felday Enclosure

Excavation by D J Field for LTRG of earthwork enclosure (of c 9ha) noted in survey. The bank and ditch were sectioned at the southern end and their existence and antiquity confirmed.:The ditch had been cut through layers of tabular sandstone which had apparently been used to construct parallel dump walls some 3m apart to serve as a rampart core or revetment. It seemed that the ditch was sampled at or near a terminal, as it rose from 2.4m deep on the west side of the trench to 1.4m on the east.

Felday Enclosure

Excavation by D .1 Field for LTRG of a further defence section. It again showed a feature like a ditch terminal; possibly the ditch is discontinuous. A sample of the initial fill was dated to the mid 1st century AID by A.1 Clark. (206)

Stoke church, Guildford

Testing of sub-floor levels by D G Bird for SCC and Guildford Group of SyAS in advance of reflooring. No archaeologically significant features were noted except for the possible remains of a wall along the line of the north aisle columns. The lower part of the north wall interior–made of reused material including window mouldings – was recorded by photography.


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