72-74 High Street, Guildford

Observation by D G Bird for SCC of refurbishment of medieval undercroft as tourist centre. The floor and steps from the street were carefully cleaned with the assistance of the Guildford Group of SyAS. The steps were shown to be much repaired but with an apparently original core; they survived best through the entrance where unfortunately they had to be removed except for a few centimetres to mark the original line. The floor was apparently of brick (probably to be dated to the 17th century) over the natural chalk; there was no sign of a medieval floor.

A3 Hog's Back to B3000

Report by K D Graham of fieldwork on the A3 improvement scheme. Little material was recovered, even near the known RB villa at Compton. A handful of RB tile was found at the southern end of this part of the road scheme, and a few struck flint flakes and sherds of medieval pottery were also recovered generally along the route. (229)

Hog's Back

Location of Armada beacon suggested by M J Alexander in contrast to location proposed in SyAC 78, 1987, 103-8 by F Kitchen. (231). Supported by G Robinson. (232)

Guildford Castle

Excavation by R J Poulton for SyAS, SCAU and Guildford Borough Council in Castle Cliffe Gardens located a large deep ditch which had probably been largely infilled by the early 13th century. It is postulated that it was the original outer bailey ditch, filled in when the Castle was extended further south to the Quarry Street line in the 13th century, for the Royal Palace.


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