26 Grotto Road, Weybridge

Watching brief by M Saywood of SCAU during excavation of foundation trenches within the bounds of the former Oatlands Palace revealed a great depth of heavily disturbed ground from probable ground levelling and a pit containing demolition rubble originating from the palace.

Hampton Court Station/Jolly Boatman site

Strip, map and sample by R Brown of OA revealed the truncated remains of 19th century railway structures comprising a turntable, a small building and possible platform edges associated with the Hampton Court branch line. The structures were sited on reworked and mechanically compacted gravels although a full sequence of undisturbed Pleistocene gravels and associated fluvial/alluvial deposits was recorded to the west of the structures.

Land off Arran Way, Esher

Evaluation by T Munnery of SCAU. The earliest material was Late Upper Palaeolithic/Mesolithic and Mesolithic/Neolithic flintwork from later features and overburden although residual, may originate from an occupation site or sites nearby. The most concentrated phase of activity was of Bronze Age, especially Late Bronze Age, date. Pits and ditches and a buried subsoil indicate the utilisation of the site for settlement.

Esher Place, Esher

Watching brief by W Weller of SCAU revealed a small quantity of post-medieval building materials as well as one sherd of glazed earthenware pottery. All finds were unstratified. No features of archaeological interest were revealed.


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