Land to north and south of M25, Downside, near Cobham

Investigation by D Britchfield of WA in advance of the construction of a Motorway Service Area comprising an evaluation to the north of the motorway, and a soil stripping, mapping and sampling exercise to its south in an area where evaluation by ASE in 2007 had revealed possible deposits of prehistoric origin. The soil stripping, mapping and sampling exercise revealed a post-medieval ditch, suggested to be a remnant of an 18th century field system, but no further evidence of the admittedly ambiguous features identified in 2007.

(Centred) Walton Bridge, Walton-on-Thames

Evaluation by A Hood and D King of FA in advance of the construction of the replacement bridge across the Thames and creation of an associated site compound and flood compensation area to the south-west. The evaluation did not reveal any features of archaeological interest in the area around the bridge, but a 'toothed' wooden artefact was recovered from the interface of the natural gravels and overlying deposits in one of the trenches, and further work is proposed within the area of its discovery.

Land at the Pavilion Sports Centre, Hurst Lane, East Molesey

Evaluation by T Munnery of SCAU revealed a number of features which, with the exception of a pit or posthole that could be of Neolithic date, were dateable to the Bronze Age. The features comprised ditches, pits and postholes and were concentrated within the southern corner of the site, and indicates settlement or a focus of activity within this area. Residual finds of Mesolithic to medieval date were also recovered, but none were associated with a contemporary feature or in a concentration.


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