Wootton, Esher Park Avenue, Esher

Programme of investigation comprising evaluation, excavation and a watching brief by D Saxby of MOLA. Evaluation revealed evidence of Iron Age and Saxon activity in three areas of the site, with the subsequent excavation targeting these areas. Within the middle of the site a 0.4m-thick layer of sand was revealed that produced 1544 Early Mesolithic flints including microlithic flint points, microburins and at least four core adze fragments and a scraper (c 9600–7600 cal BC).

Guides Hall, Grotto Road, Weybridge

Watching brief by R Poulton of SCAU during the excavation of two test pits within the Scheduled Oatlands Palace close to the location of previous investigation in the 1960s. The watching brief did not reveal any finds or features of archaeological interest, but did clarify the depth at which archaeological remains are likely to be present and at risk from developmental impact.


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