site of Oatlands Palace, Weybridge

Excavation by R J Poulton for SCC, HBMC and E & D; Simmons. The stables area and the outside of the northern inner courtyard wall (with garderobe pits and chimney breasts) were recorded early in the year. Later on a new building with two polygonal and two rectangular rooms was discovered. It may have been a Henrician period banqueting house. Trial trenching and observation of contractors' work in the kitchen court area was also carried out (pl 1)..

Painshill Park, Cobham

Excavation by Lesley Howes for the Painshill Park Trust continued, in conjunction with the scheme to restore the 18th century landscape garden. Several follies were examined in 1983/4: the Temple of Bacchus was rediscovered, the Grotto was cleared and its water circulating system re-established, and the Mausoleum's floor was recorded. In 1985 work was concentrated on the Hermitage, the Turkish Tent and the Water Wheel (original site). Many other trenches established aspects of the former landscape such as shrubberies, paths and lawns. (202)

Former Sewage Works, Cobham

Trial excavation and survey by R J Poulton for SCC and J Sainsbury revealed only scattered artefacts including probable Mesolithic flints and prehistoric, RB and medieval pottery. It appeared that medieval ploughing had destroyed all ancient levels which may have existed. (235)


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