Paddle and Rymer Weirs on the Thames

Oxford Archaeology (OA) was asked by Atkins Ltd, acting on behalf of The Environment Agency, to carry out a programme of heritage asset recording on five paddle and rymer weirs on the River Thames (and Kennet), which are to be replaced. The weirs recorded are those at Radcot, Northmoor, Mapledurham, Blakes and Molesey. OA previously undertook a similar piece of recording on Shepperton 'B' Weir on the River Thames in Surrey.

Moore Place, Portsmouth Road, Esher

Abstract Archaeology South-East was commissioned by CgMs on behalf of their client to undertake an archaeological evaluation at Moore Place, Portsmouth Road, Esher, Surrey. Four trial trenches were excavated on the 5th March 2012. The natural gravel and sand was identified between 43.57m OD and 44.98m OD. Modern dumps associated with levelling for the former car park were identified in the south of the site. No archaeological finds or features were recorded.

Motorway Service Area, Cobham

An archaeological evaluation was undertaken by Tom Collie, at the proposed Motorway Service Area, Cobham, Surrey. The work was undertaken between 8th and 21st May 2007 on behalf of Gifford. Thirty two 50m by 2.5m trenches were excavated. The evaluation revealed limited archaeological evidence. Of the thirty two trenches excavated, the following twenty were archaeologically negative: trenches 3, 5 - 7, 12 -19, 22 - 23, 25 - 29 and 32. Trench 1 only contained a modern pit associated with refuse dumping.

Wayneflete Tower Avenue, Esher

Watching brief by W Weller of SCAU during excavation of the foundation of a small extension off the northern wall of the tower and wider flood alleviation works. A number of features of post-medieval date were revealed including the remains of foundations, probably of the south wing associated with the remodelling of the house by Henry Pelham in the 1730s.


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