Following evaluation two sites were excavated by G N Hayman for SCAU and Trafalgar Brookmount in advance of gravel extraction. A small Iron Age settlement site, represented mostly by large storage pits, was found on the site of the former Hollick Farm. The settlement represented by the farm itself was found to have begun in the early medieval period and continued through to the 19th century. About 750m further south a larger Iron Age site was found with a complex of features from the mid to late Iron Age; they included a large circular ditched enclosure (with a diameter of about 26m).

Midgarth, High Street, Oxshott

Correction to report in SyAC 80 (for 1988-89): E Crossland points out that in the even the did not carry out site watching at this site. It was however subsequently evaluated by trial trenching by S P Dyer for SCAU and Elmbridge Borough Council, but nothing of archaeological interest was found except one indeterminate struck flint scraper. (279)


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