Wessex Archaeology

Tilly's Lane, Staines

Two phases of archaeological excavations were undertaken within the Tilly's Lane development area on the north side of Staines High Street. A single trench was excavated at Tilly's Lane East between April and June 1999, with two trenches at Tilly's Lane West - British Gas and High Street sites - between February and May 2000. All the trenches lay on the gravel island, though Tilly's Lane East and the British Gas site lay within early flood zones.

Land at Egley Road, Woking

Evaluation by D Britchfield of WA identified evidence for prehistoric activity on or in the vicinity of the site in the form of residual burnt flint and a flint blade of Mesolithic or early Neolithic date. A small quantity of medieval pottery was recovered from a tree-throw hollow but a small pit contained no datable material. Features such as a grubbed-out hedgerow and an infilled ditch indicated that the landscape had been altered in the recent past.

North Park Farm Quarry, western extension

Watching brief by J Warrender, L McCaig and G Santa Maria of WA during stripping of topsoil and subsoil over several areas, encompassing c 2ha, revealed multiple features including cremation burials, pits, postholes and linear features. The cremations comprised both urned and unurned burials, provisionally dated to the Bronze Age. A number of short lengths of ditch were also recorded although they did not appear to form any coherent boundary to the mortuary activity. The cremations were generally dispersed across the area though small clusters were observed.


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